While we are still meeting virtually, the Club is pleased to be looking forward as we enter our new Rotary year.  Our new Board has been inducted including:
Club President (July to December) – Carlo Abati
Club President (January to June) – Chuck Roy
Past President – Terry Cloutier
President Elect – Chuck Roy
President Nominee – Jeremy
Secretary – Monique Dugal
Treasurer – Joanne King
Member-at-Large – Mary Lou Decou
Chair Community & Youth Services Committee – Stuart Miller
Chair international Committee – Debra Harshaw
Chair Membership Committee – Bill MacArthur
We have also welcomed the newest member to the Club – Irene Moore Davis. We know that she will make a welcomed addition to the Rotary family!
If you are interested in learning more about the great works that our Club or other clubs in the County (or further afield), please contact us, or better yet, "pop-in" to one of our virtual, Thursday morning meetings!