As celebrity auctioneer John Fairley signed off from 30th Annual Rotary TV Auction on Cogeco TV in the early hours of Sunday morning, the final tally of this year’s event flashed boldly across the screen.
GRAND TOTAL: $56,294.
 “We did it again!” said an exhausted Club President Debra Harshaw, while members of the crew and the many volunteers celebrated with high-fives and hugs.  Harshaw was quick to credit Rotary Auction Chair Deb Moore and her committee, and the small army of volunteers she claimed were “totally responsible” for this iconic event. “This event and the charitable giving from our community continues to grow every year,” said Harshaw.   “We’re already brainstorming plans for next year’s auction.”
 Over 400 items were donated by local business and individuals for the auction.  Items were available to preview online, while the excitement of live-broadcast bidding took place on Cogeco TV Friday and Saturday evening.  In addition, many local businesses were significant sponsors of the annual fundraiser.
Proceeds from the Rotary TV Auction will assist the Rotary Club of Windsor-St. Clair in numerous charitable initiatives in the local area and a few projects internationally where the club is “hands-on.” This would include support for basic needs in safe water, the eradication of polio and education in impoverished third world countries.
Locally, the club has pledged $150,000 to create a therapeutic greenhouse at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare to assist in the care and education of that facility’s mental health program. Rotary has also ear-marked TV auction proceeds for the local food banks, a literacy and breakfast program at an inner-city elementary school and other initiatives.
“Rotarians will continue to follow our hearts with service to humanity,” added Harshaw.  “This incredible event is one of the fundraisers that allows us to do so.”  
Rotary is the world’s largest service organization with 1.2 million members.  The Rotary Club of Windsor St. Clair is comprised of about 32 members from around the Essex region dedicated to improving our local and worldwide communities by undertaking projects to address hunger, health, literacy, promote physical activity, and provide support to the financially disadvantaged in our community.  Some of the club’s projects include the Ganatchio Trail, the region’s first boundary-free playground in the Town of Tecumseh, the Rotary Roundabout at Manning Road, Wake Up Windsor/Get a Working Smoke Alarm, and RELAY, which has built and refurbished five schools in Africa.  It is currently focusing on creating a therapeutic greenhouse at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare.