Mary Lou Decou has been inducted as the President of the Rotary Club of Windsor-St. Clair for the 2014/2015 Rotary year.  A Rotarian since 1996 in three different Rotary districts, Mary Lou has been an active and contributing member of Rotary Windsor-St. Clair since 2010.  She previously served as the President of the Rotary Club of St. Catharine’s Lakeshore in 2004/2005.  Mary Lou, an epidemiologist, was named Rotarian of the Year in 2012/2013, chaired the Rotary TV Auction in 2012, and is a multiple recipient of the Paul Harris fellow.
Rotary International President Gary C.K. Huang chose Light Up Rotary as his theme for 2014-15.  Huang was inspired by the teachings of Chinese philosopher Confucius who said: "It is better to light a single candle, than to sit and curse the darkness."   Mary Lou has taken this theme and established a number of goals. 
“I hope that members will not only reflect on the history and successes of our great club, but look ahead to see where we can build on these successes,” she says.  “We want a healthy club that focuses on new opportunities for fellowship, fun, service and fundraising.  This year, I want our membership to celebrate Rotary.   We believe in what Rotary stands for and value what we can contribute.”