Rick Caron's Talk Sept 7 District Governor Rick Caron visited our Club this week, accompanied by Assistant Governor Aruna Koushik. He talked about what Rotary is doing internationally and at the district level. He praised our Club for all the good works we are engaged in and said that engagement is more important in Rotary than meeting attendance. With the new RI guidelines regarding attendance we are free to choose how we run our Club and our level of comfort with this.
Dr. Caron, a mathematics professor at the University of Windsor has an impressive background both professionally and in Rotary. He was the Group Study Exchange Leader to Hungary and has been on many Rotary trips to Tanzania. He is married to Wendy and has two adult children. His theme this year, "To Boldly Go" is represented in his Star War theme and is consistent with RI President Ian Riseley's theme to "Make a Difference".
DG Rick encouraged us to attend the District Conference at the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island and explained the "first time" attendee's discount. He talked about the International Conference in Toronto next year and joked that if we were going to attend one of them, it should be his conference. After the formal meeting, the Board met with DG Rick and ADG Aruna to inform him of our goals and plans and what we have already accomplished.