Thanks to all members and friends who came out to the Ganatchio Trail May 23.  The weather was perfect and members and friends went about the task of picking up garbage and other 'foreign' objects with gusto.


Windsor St. Clair has contributed over $325,000.00 to the Ganatchio Trail development and its extensions. This project has spanned nearly three decades, and is still a work in progress.  The club has matured and grown with the Trail, and the Trail has matured and grown with the club. Many have fallen in love with this Community Service project and the people of The City of Windsor have also fallen in love with the Trail. The Ganatchio Trail is the "The Heart and Soul" of The Rotary Club of Windsor St.Clair.


In 1977 the new Rotary Club of Windsor-St. Clair went looking for a Community Service project, one that would make a difference, and one that the Club could be proud of for many years.   The Trail which includes an east-west trail running parallel to Riverside Drive and a north-south trail beginning just west of SandPointBeach and ShanfieldShoresPark on the waterfront at SandPointBeach. The partnership was expanded to include PecheIsland and associated lands in 1999.


On an annual basis, the club organizes a clean-up and facelift to ensure the trail remains enjoyable to the tremendous amount of people who have come to depend on it for recreation and exercise.